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Totally Green Lawn Service is an owner operated business with customer service being our top goal. We provide a complete lawn service for commercial and residential customers. We use only top quality commercial grade equipment (such as Scag and Great Dane mowers, Stihl trimmers, edgers and blowers).

Serving GASTON and LINCOLN counties.


Your lawn needs to be mowed regularly to keep it looking healthy and it also needs to be cut at the proper height to reduce stress and damage. Grass clippings can be removed or deposited back into the lawn for added nutrients. Trimming and edging your property will add beauty and value to your home.


Mulch or Pine Needles will accent the beauty of your home's landscape. They will add needed moisture and will reduce the growth of grass and weeds in unwanted areas. There are multiple varieties of mulch you can choose from including organic or inorganic.

Organic Mulch consists of natural products such as tree bark, wood chips, and pine needles. The advantage is that they will decompose and put nutrients back into the your soil. A disadvantage is that over time, their appearance will diminish and they must be replaced (usually on an annual basis).

Inorganic Mulch consists of materials that will not break down, such as stones or pebbles, rubber or plastic chips. They do not add nutrients to your soil. One advantage to inorganic mulch is that they will not need to be replaced as often.


Aeration is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. It involves the removal of three to four inch plugs from the soil. This process loosens compacted soil, it allows air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate the soil more easily, making your lawn healthier. In this area, fescue is the primary type of grass grown and the best time to aerate is in the fall and spring.


Fertilization is also a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Fertilization will strengthens root systems and promote growth to help keep out unwanted weeds. Fertilizer should be applied throughout the growing season (providing your lawn has a sprinkler system for those hot summer days) this will prevent your lawn from burning.

Fall fertilization is essential to having a healthy and thriving lawn the following summer. This will produce stronger and deeper root system and will be more heat and drought tolerant in the summer. Late Spring fertilization is also recommended to help provide a little extra nutrient to your lawn for the hot days of summer to keep it green.

Hedge/Shrub Trimming:

Hedge trimming may only need to be done once or twice per year. Trimming depends on the type of hedge and shrubs you have. Evergreen shrubs need trimming early spring and fall generally. A flowering hedge or shrub needs to be trimmed after the flower has finished blooming.

Seeding/Over Seeding:

Seeding is the process of adding grass seeds to the soil to establish a new lawn. Over seeding is for established lawns and this process will add to the turf to increase the thickness and health of the lawn. The best time to seed lawns in this area is in the early fall. This is the peak growing season for cool season grasses like tall fescue, which is typically grown in this area.

Leaf Removal:

Leaf Removal is as important to your lawn as fertilizer. If leaves are not removed from your lawn it will suffocate and cause fungus to build up and destroy your lawn. We recommend for small trees to just mulch the leaves as we mow your lawn. For the larger or multi tree properties we suggest complete removal.

One time, weekly and bi-weekly lawn services are available. Just let us know what works for you!

We Serve the following cities. Stanley, Lincolnton, Denver, Gastonia, Mt. Holly,Belmont and Dallas.